PSVita Release: USB Streaming plugin, udcd_uvc, updated to version 1.3; now lets you use system apps – You can finally use the Settings app when streaming!


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  1. ApplesPie says:

    This is great!
    Thanks to developers

    But I found it.
    If you use this, the reF00D plugin will not work.

  2. Vita says:

    There should be an Android TV app that does this.
    I want to play my vita on my Sony tv

  3. Foset says:


  4. Al says:

    I have an audio out using the two way jack from my PSVita to Laptop, the sound is good but when I open up the application like OBS or PotPlayer there is a screeching sound but when I closed those application the screeching sound would disappear. is there like a fix for this? thanks in advance guys.