Nintendo Switch Lite Announced But Should You Get It? – A PSVita-sized Switch for $199 will be available in September if you can forego some features!


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10 Responses

  1. MarSprite says:

    I’d buy a larger switch, but I can’t imagine considering a smaller one for any reason.

  2. Makak1984 says:

    I am not really interested, but it will be great if nintendo or some third party release left joy-con with dpad and wireless (Hori version only have wired connection)

  3. Uytoret says:


  4. SwitchLiteFan99 says:

    Wait they removed motion controls? But in the trailer he said they only removed the IR-Sensor and HD-Rumbleh

  5. Lennyvita says:

    It’s a NDS . “Nintendo Don’t Switch” . no thanks. the ability to not “switch” is a deal breaker and some games the text is too small to see on the switch screen, what more a Switch lite? great for kids but i would rather put my money toward a full featured switch. you can get a regular switch on Amazon Warehouse thats not hurt for same price.

  6. lord pit says:

    in which hardware device games wasted my money, in this nintendo lite or best wait the next year and buy the ps5?

  7. NoSpam says:

    I think everyone’s overlooking the bigger picture.

    As a Switch it sucks, but as a portable emulator this has serious potential. It’s basically a Nintendo EVERYTHING!

  8. Emojicon says:

    I already have a OG Switch but I might purchase this one if the reviews are good. OG Switch for homebrew, Switch Lite for online!

    Enhanced portability also sounds very nice, and was my main gripe with the OG Switch (as someone who near exclusively plays in handheld)

  9. AtomeCrochu says:

    Thanks for the article.
    We are eluding the hottest spot here: without RCM access, do we already know another entry point to inject payload ?

    I know it is way too early, but for me this console will really exist only after the first TX announcement.
    Life always finds a way.

    And the SmachZ is close at hand, so I’ll soon enjoy Halo wars and Metroid prime on the go.