A look at current PlayStation Classic hacking options – It’s pretty tempting to buy one at a price as low as $25 brand new just for hacking it!


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  1. bandithedoge says:

    does RetroArch run any better on this than, say, a Raspberry Pi 3B+? it’s slightly more expensive but i’ve heard that performance on the PS1 Classic is often below decent (even in the built-in PS1 emu).

  2. migo says:

    I would rather pour those 25 on a MicroSD card..people that would buy the PS mini for hacking , would already have another hacked device.anyways.

  3. DSpider says:

    Add another $25 and get yourself a used PS3. You get access to PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP, plus access to NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, N64, etc.

    • bandithedoge says:

      you’re literally doubling the price. PS Classic is meant to be very cheap and at $25 i honestly don’t think it’s a bad deal.

    • catmato says:

      Where can you get a PS2-compatible PS3 for $50?

      • R0ME0 says:

        Technically they’re all compatible. The non phat versions use an emulator though with so-so compatibility. Some games run fine, like Monster Hunter, and some games run terrible like Shadow of the Colossus.

    • mixedfish says:

      If you’re going to argue ‘used’ then you can say get a used PS1 mini and again be cheaper. PS3 also uses a lot of power for such a simple task like retro gaming.

  4. Mario.bang.bros says:


  5. Demian says:

    Would like to see at some point BleemSync/Autobleem support for CDZ format.

    CDZ format is used by pSX emulator (my preferred emulator actually), and compresses BIN/CUE PSX’s game disk image files to save space. I used it to compress my PSX game RIP’s so to save a lot of disk space on my hard drive.

    Sadly, pSX emulator hasn’t been updated really long ago, and its source code isn’t publicly available.

  6. temp_anon says:

    I’m thinking of getting one, but I already have a PS TV. How much better does it handle emulators compared to Vita’s marginal offerings?

  7. Ziim says:

    Its not $25 at Bestbuy anymore. Link shows me $59

  8. Dubby says:

    Just picked one up for $16 at Target, price matched Best Buy than used the target cartwheel for an additional 35% off. They’ll tell you the system doesn’t allow it, but dare ’em to try. ;p

  9. Mike says:

    Which system does better emulation the SNES classic or the Playstation classic?

  10. Dark_Dex says:

    no one asked you guys what you would prefer and no one wants a *** ps3. the ps1 classic can be hacked with a simple usb in the controller port. Doesnt get any easier then that for most ppl. So if your not here to contribute to the thread then you dont need to comment