Emulation News: Dolphin is now running on the XBOX ONE via libretro with some games playable, Raspberry Pi 4 showing significant improvements in emulators (PPSSPP) over RPi 3B+ and Super Mario Maker 2 running well in Yuzu!


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3 Responses

  1. bandithedoge says:

    if this somehow manages to not need dev mode, i might actually turn my Xbox One S to something more than just a YouTube/Kodi machine. afaik there was some UWP libretro port than ran in dev mode but didn’t get much attention. can’t wait for a full RetroArch experience on Xbox One tho!

  2. Sadiq Hassan says:

    WE WERE JUST BARELY RUNNING N64 BEFORE? Finally my Xbone isn’t a paperweight.

  3. Deco says:

    Nice to see Xbox One getting some love. Hope it gets some exploit at some point and time.