Nintendo Switch Releases: Atmosphère 0.9.2 with greatly improved emuMMC functionality supporting proper power management & more; hekate 5.0.0 released with FW 8.1.0 support alongs & Nyx 0.8.0 configuration GUI


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  1. niceneasy says:

    So, just how safe is it using emuMMC? I’ve seen a bunch of people saying that even if you use that or emuNAND, then you will definitely get banned at some point no matter what. Is that accurate? The only thing I care about hacking my switch for is emulators.

    • Emojicon says:

      Personally I’d wait it out if you enjoy online. I hacked my Switch very early on for that exact purpose and now no online for me, takes a lot of the enjoyment out of the console for me.

  2. Hehez says:


  3. bandithedoge says:

    ooh, thanks for the mention! <3