Hardware News: The Raspberry Pi 4 just got released with a better CPU/GPU/RAM but is it a good choice for gaming and emulation?


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  1. yo says:

    “the cores are now of the Cortex-A53 rather than the Cortex-A72 variant”
    i think you got those two mixed up, its the other way around.

  2. Bear says:

    Just for gaming, a modded Wii still out does the Pi in most cases. The Pi’s HDMI ports are nice in an era where TVs are quickly ditching analog inputs, but everything else just tilts in the Wii’s favor.

    That said, the Pi 3B can play video over composite (for CRTs) nicely compared to the Wii.

  3. Moj says:

    Both of the processors are of the same micro-architecture and both of them are super scalar in nature which allows for a high range of throughput due to the level of parallelism.

    However the Cortex-A72 should perform better as it makes use of a 3 way super scalar instead of the 2 way of A53 and it also makes use of out of order execution for more efficient use of the instruction cycles as the instructions are queued when the necessary data are unavailable which prevents the stalls which are generally present at in-order processors due to unavailable data. There have also been mentions of the improved power efficiency in the A72 due to improvements in the decode/dispatch stages of the processor.

    These benefits coupled with bunch of it’s other features will give the A72 a great deal of advantage over A53 in single thread performance and thus I conclude that A72 will fare better than A53 when placed in the same clock speed.
    So you got it other way around!

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