Mobile Gaming/Emulation News: iOS 13 finally brings DualShock 4,XBOX One S, mouse support to the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and external storage support for your favourite retro games!


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  1. kevin says:

    Why is the entire article written hugely biased towards android? Android is severely lacking compared to iOS and the features iOS was missing are quickly being added.

    • kevin says:

      Its even more features once you look into the difference in third party app support. Here’s a hint, don’t use google to compare android vs iOS, use duckduckgo or something less biased.

      • Cryonic2099 says:

        I’m curious where you find this article “hugely biased.” The majority of the article doesn’t even mention android. There is one reference at the beginning that mentions that android has features that iOS doesn’t, which is a fact that admittedly goes both ways. However, I think most users of this site are going to care more about things like controller support than how many people you can facetime at once. There is also a comment in the conclusion that states that iOS is only just getting these specific features while android has had them for some time.

        • B10Moppiness says:

          This same guy was trying to brigade against the author in the last article about Apple devices. Dude has a major stiffy for android and nothing better to do.

        • Kevin Cormier says:

          First sentence “While iOS lacks many features compared to Android..” not biased at all

    • Dantenerosas says:

      You know that you are biased yourself right? When manufacturer abandons Android device, community can pick up the slack of updating OS of it and etc. When Apple abandons device, you have old piece of software that while still can work has pretty much became obsolete because Apple said so. Example, my iPad 3 (bought it in 2012) became obsolete because Apple said so and I can’t even use newer apps or versions of some because I’m forever stuck with 9.3.5 unless I buy new device and right now it is used as book\comics reader + YouTube + streaming videos from my PC using UMS.. While my HTC One M7 (bought it in 2013) is still alive and kicking being old but not obsolete thanks to constant system updates from community like ports of Oreo and Pie to hardware that wasn’t even designed to be used with them. I swapped it to Redmi Note 7 recently but still charge the old-timer just because.

      Also your list of “missing features”and claims of “severely lacking” are a bit stupid.
      1. There are several assistants besides Google Assistant + it’s just matter of time and providing proper API. And honestly, if feature is so popular why I haven’t seen anyone demanding providing proper API for it in Android, huh?
      2. Pretty sure Firefox has anti-tracking mechanisms and also available for Android. IMO never used Chrome on my custom ROMs and never going to
      3. Useless. Why the F you would need such pile of ***? Custom stickers in say Telegram are much better for memes
      4. Well, it’s nice and all but I can’t imagine situation when I would need to talk to 32 ppl simultaneously using Video Chat. I’d better use Voice Chat in say Discord. Again, if that features will be popular in iOS and is requested then Google will do it.
      5. UPDATES FOR EVERYONE. Haha, for everyone, Carl. As I’ve said, nope, nada, not for everyone. Only for devices Apple deems not obsolete. While even users of old *** Android devices can usually flash latest Android OS without any problems. Especially because of Project Treble initiative
      6. Augmented Reality. Really, that is listed as a feature? Another not really useful feature
      7. Now that’s a feature. No sarcasm or smart-talking. That’s a real feature because Apple’s face recognition is certainly more secure tho support for two different faces is situational because why have the face lock then if someone other than you can unlock your device
      8. It’s nice. Again, no sarcasm. But I’m sure with 99% certainty that there will be (if not already present) device or method that can ignore this restriction
      9. All I can say that parental controls are strange beast because all the things they do can be done without them and usually to much better effect.
      10. Again, nice feature. I don’t even have a counter-point except I do – Android doesn’t really need this as much as iOS because Android gives full access to user storage by default and all can any file by default. In my experience, good apps even remember last folder you were in while app works so adding multiple files and etc to list or uploading is usually easy. So, no, I don’t see it as proper feature Android lacks

    • Sh4d0w927 says:

      The drag and drop support would be the only feature I’d even count as a bonus. I don’t need personalized emojis nearly as much as draw over apps. Plus an android device feels like mine because I can customize it way more than iOS devices. I could literally pick up about any iOS device and barely be able to tell anything about the person using it.

    • sadguy says:

      There are 77 missing feature in iOS compared to Android. But hey, I still prefer iOS about gaming staff, because of Metal. Android games still uses the laggy OpenGL (Vulkan is a taboo for many devs).

      • Kevin Cormier says:

        well i expect the different platforms to have atleast some different features, I dont need to be beat over the head with it in every article about apple products.

    • Ghoul says:

      Oh ***, 10 missing almost useless features I’m missing out on.

    • Uh the article you linked seems to be hugely biased towards iOS? yet entirely written around Android… pfft

      • Kevin Cormier says:

        well of course, I was trying to prove a point not start a debate about which os is better. Im not a fan of this kind of pro wrestling journalism.

        • Ethan Weegee says:

          There was never a debate. “While iOS lacks many features compared to Android” is fact – while broken for a long time now, Android has had (some) bluetooth support that iOS simply didn’t. Even if that isn’t enough, the next sentence credits iOS for improving; “With iOS 13’s announcement yesterday, Apple seems to be playing catch-up in the feature department.”

          • kevin says:

            you could also start out a similar android article talking about how android lacks compared to iOS, I bet you would see the bias then.

  2. @kevin must have an iOS device second time I’ve seen him post complaining about android devices being compared to iOS. Pretty funny but @kevin you don’t need to spam the comment section for us to read your reply. (Double posting is pretty frowned upon round these parts) 😉 nice article too btw.

  3. Kokoro says: