Orbital: The journey to the safe mode.


Hello there. My name is John and that is all there is to know about me.

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  1. Joo_C says:


  2. spok says:

    yup but i will prefer emulator over PS4 only if it will be able to also run “virtual” games for FW over 5.05 with 4k resolution and 60+ fps like PRO 🙂

  3. DarkOrb says:

    AlexAltea or more like… DarkAlex? 😉

  4. Thisisgoingtobeautofilled? says:

    Well, this was inevitable from the moment the PS4 was announced to use a x86 CPU. Honestly I’m more surprised it took this long. Either way someone had to do it eventually. Keep at it DarkA- I mean Alex Altea.

  5. Veeteeeff? says:

    Well, this kind of thing was inevitable from the moment the PS4 was announced to be using a AMD x86 Architecture. Honestly, I’m more surprised it took this long than anything else, but I’m more than glad to see someone doing it. Keep at it, and good luck DarkA- I mean AlexAltea!

  6. Meysam25 says:

    I don’t know what to say
    Good job bro

  1. June 15, 2019

    […] However, this might change as there have been a considerable number of developments relating to Orbital which is a WIP PS4 emulator not to mention the Spine […]

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