PS4 Firmware update 6.70 Released


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  1. med

    Im honestly thinking about updating my 5.05 PS4 since the PS4 hacking scene is kinda nonexistent and I want to play KH3, Red Dead, Spiderman and Detroit Become Human, Any opinions ?

  2. Piraton

    Mucho me temo que ya no podremos piratear la ps4, la scene está muerta y tú lo sabes

  3. Dg8

    In other news… Anyone see that Sony updated their Vita store? At the end of life for this console? After all this time?

  4. sadguy

    I’m still on 5.55 …. totaly useless console.

  5. thetechdoc

    Yeah I gave up and got a second PS4 for anything newer than 5.05… I’m over the wait, the Devs don’t care to release anything, my 5.05 console is just gathering dust… And a few buggy emulators for 5.05 won’t change that.

  6. Randomguy

    What a fail, people gets second ps4 to get it dusted to death xd fail ps4 scene is fail. I updated and gave away second ps4 2 months ago.

  7. Mr Krabs

    Even though it sucks that there is no release for above 5.05. There are soo many good games available that works below 5.05!

  8. upudate


  9. Krzysiek

    You don’t need 6.70 to connect to PSN and use online services because it’s not a mandatory update.

  10. Kain

    tened paciencia , lo mismo se decia de VITA y PS3 y han acabado reventadas en todas las versiones

    que gente mas cagaprisas, dios


  11. james

    I wonder what the sale price for the PS4 Pro will be. Anxious to see.

  12. Charles Fasano

    6.71 is now out.

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