mGBA 0.7.2 released with improved frame drawing speed on the PSVita, Wii/3DS fixes, memory leak fixes and more accurate emulation!


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6 Responses

  1. ScoobyScrub says:

    Anyone compared this to Retroarch?
    Vita emulation has potential but as of now I’m still using an ez flash on my old GBA since I know it just werks.

    • papita says:

      i tried it with fire emblem staff of ages with ran like *** on gpsp and this runs it well. But then i tried srw D and there was some audio stuttering but it runs well enough. Overall it´s a huge improvement since i was used to terrible framerate in previous and i had bad experiences with retroarch overall so i suggest you try it

  2. Seladir says:

    There is still lagging discontinuous sound on Vita (e.g. in FFT Advance). That’s a shame.

  3. ManekiNeko says:

    Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure doesn’t run especially well either. Seems the Game Boy Advance is trickier to emulate than one might expect.

  4. papita says:

    Runs much better now there are some games gpsp still runs better but finally i ca run fire emblem 8 hacks