PS3HEN Version 2 Released – ISO support, Kernel Plugin Support, Many Fixes and More!


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8 Responses

  1. Sagar says:

    Just wondering, whats the difference between this and playground webkit exploit?

  2. Draven says:

    PS2 games will install now. They still won’t run. They show up as Unsupported Data.

    This is driving me batshit. The only reason I want to mod my PS3 is to have PS2 compatibility.

  3. PlayaNambaUno says:

    Btw.. Vita 3.69\3.70 hack now available.. Add post.

  4. Skyy says:

    Would this give me the ability to dump games with my PS3 so I can run them on RPCS3? I have a Fat on 3.55 that I could install CFW on but honestly all I want is to be able to dump my games and I don’t want to install a permanent modification if I don’t have to.

  5. DJPlace says:

    so anyone got banned on PSN yet cause of this?

  6. Artur says:

    so, still we dont have a way to download games on internet and run on Superslim model, right?

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