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Switch News: Linux4Tegra Ubuntu with Audio, Vulkan and Docking support released, Reicast (Dreamcast emulator) gets aarch64 dynarec support which will improve performance on the Switch and Nintendo Brings Boost Mode (OC to 1.75GHz) in FW 8.0.0 for faster loading times!


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6 Responses

  1. first says:

    first to say first

  2. huhyat says:

    ubuntu also brings A.u.r.o.z.e.t.t.

  3. ivory_soul says:

    It’s not listed that games have to be patched for this overclock during load times to work. So far the only games to do this are Breath of the Wild and Odyssey. C’mon Wololo

  4. Seth says:

    18.04 Ubuntu ships with a modified GNOME, not Unity. Ubuntu dropped Unity officially a few releases back and moved to the more popular GNOME 3.