Top 4 PS3 Homebrew That You Should Surely Install On Your Newly Hacked SuperSlim/Late Slim Playstation 3 – Now that you installed PS3HEN, it’s time to load up your PS3 with homebrew!


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  1. john says:

    i’m freezing after i installed the offline package and restarted i enable han and then go to enable hen and the console freezes, i can hard shut down and try again however this has failed twice now

    • Seb says:

      Make sure you rename the boot_plugins_nocobra.txt to boot_plugins.txt as it cannot recognise it

  2. CitizenMAME says:


  3. boardstar says:

    Hate to disappoint here Aurora.. as you just did me but the latest build of Retroarch does NOT run 3DO on ps3.. here is the latest supported core builds as of Feb 2019

    – FBA Alpha 2012 (multiple systems including: Neo Geo, CPS-1, CPS-2, CPS-3, Sega System 16 and System 18)
    – FCEU-MM (NES/Famicom)
    – FreeIntv (Mattel – Intellivision)
    – Fuse (ZX Spectrum)
    – Gambatte (Game Boy Color)
    – GearBoy (Game Boy Color)
    – Gearsystem (Sega Master System / Game Gear)
    – Genesis Plus GX (Sega Genesis/Megadrive)
    – GW (Handheld Electronic)
    – Handy (Atari Lynx)
    – MAME 2000 (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)
    – Mednafen NGP (NeoGeo Pocket)
    – Mednafen PCE Fast (PC Engine)
    – Mednafen VB (Virtual Boy)
    – Mednafen WSwam (WonderSwam)
    – mGBA (Game Boy Advance)
    – Nestopia (NES/Famicom)
    – NXEngine (Cave Story)
    – PokeMini (Nintendo – PokĂ©mon Mini)
    – PRBoom (Doom)
    – ProSystem (Atari 7800)
    – QuickNES (NES/Famicom)
    – SNES9x / SNES9x 2010 (Super Nintendo)
    – Stella (Atari 2600)
    – TGB Dual (Game Boy Color)
    – TyrQuake (Quake 1)
    – VBA Next (Game Boy Advance)

    • Aurora says:

      I was referring to 3DO emulation in the context of RetroArch as a whole not the PS3 version specifically but yeah, I’ll update it to make it clearer 🙂

      • DBG says:

        Which makes complete sense in an article dedicated to PS3 homebrew. /s – Learn how to take constructive (or in this case, extremely helpful and detailed information) criticism.

        • Aurora says:

          You needn’t be rude about it. I acknowledged that it didn’t make much sense so I updated the article.

          I simply explained my not-so-good logic behind it lol