PS3HEN along with an offline loader released: You can finally use Homebrew and some CFW features on SuperSlim and Late Slim PlayStation 3 Consoles!


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  1. 8pcd

    1. and why childish he saw the oppertunity and used it well hahaha

  2. Ethan Weegee

    I find it silly that PS3HEN’s GitHub has a directory called SRC.

  3. Ethan Weegee

    So if CCAPI doesn’t work with PS3HAN, does that mean WebMAN’s server feature won’t work?

  4. Badryo

    Awesome news!!!!

  5. shadowknight1620

    Well i guess “FSM” stands for “F☆ck System Mode” now lulz

  6. Berain666

    So being new to this, does this mean I can actually use my ps3 superslim for games instead of having to buy a Fat/slim PS3? There are a lot of issues with getting some games to work with the super slim.

  7. FFTW

    I wonder If Cobra works so we can play PS2 and PSP games. this wasnt mentioned anywhere in the article or the linked article.

  8. oelly

    Is there any way to check if HFW 4.84.2 is installed properly? My PS3 keeps crashing if I try to enable han (Initializing works) …

  9. GameSaver

    Multiman does not support peek/poke i think. so you cant use external hdd’s for games i think and cobra features too.

  10. john

    i’m freezing after i installed the offline package and restarted i enable han and then go to enable hen and the console freezes, i can hard shut down and try again however this has failed twice now

  11. Leonardo

    After installing hen on my ps3, some han features stopped working, like soft reset and han stuff browser just dissapeared from the xmb, if I reinstall han it appears again but I lost the hen enabler, so, it seems that you cant have hen and han at the same time and hen brokes some han features.

  12. Basjohn

    To be fair “HEN” basically just means “Weird”, even “Hentai” usually translates to “Weirdo” more than “Pervert” depending on context. So the names aren’t quite as childish as they might first appear. It’s pretty much PS3 WEIRD MODE….which well, it is. Just a very good sort of weird 😉

  13. clinteastwood

    Can you run back ups with this or only homebrew?

  14. clinteastwood

    Can you run back ups or only homebrew?

  15. Berain666

    You can run homebrew that plays backups

  16. Dg8

    Woooow barely caught on to the hen”tai” lol and the tai folder on Vita after all this time. That’s hilarious

  17. Amy

    my ps3 slim says “no update data found”, do i need to do it in the recovery menu? i cannot access recovery because i do not have original controller. USB stick is FAT32 and folder structure is the right one.

    • Ryan

      i had that same problem, but i found out my usb stick had a extra partition that stopped it working.
      So i used a pc partition tool and deleted the partition that had been previously created on the usb stick.
      i giveaway is your usb showing less free space that it should have.
      hope this helped.