Rinnegatamante releases remaPSV, a PSVita button remapping plugin; Atmosphère updated to version 0.8.9 with two re-implemented system modules, IPS patch support for NROs and many bug fixes – People with broken buttons on your PSVita rejoice because a plugin has come to the rescue!


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4 Responses

  1. sierra says:

    Can this map analog to d-pad? NFS Most Wanted control comes to mind.

  2. acromioclavicular says:

    Well under SD2Vita, music just don’t work. And that sux bigtime

  3. Redsyrup says:

    I hope it’s possible to change dead zone sensitivity on the analog sticks. That’s the only game that gives me stick drift on my Vita 2000.

  4. Susan Sarandon says:

    Reicast support for Switch has just been announced possibly…