Atmosphère 0.8.8 released with Switch Firmware 8.0.0 support – Nintendo’s latest Switch update hacked in time for Easter!


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  1. Easterbunny says:


  2. meysam25 says:

    i dont undrestan, can i update my swich to fw 8 or not and how

    • systemphonk says:

      If your Switch ins vulnerable by the fusee gelee exploit, you can update your firmware with ChoiDujourNX without burning fuses.
      You need to run atmosphere CFW in order to run ChoiDujourNX (or any other homebrew).
      I would not recomment to update atm bc not everything is supported on 8.0 yet.

      I recommend reading this stuff if your not that into switch hacking:

  3. Angel says:

    sys-clk currently doesn’t work on 8.00…

  4. Azure says:

    Wow ppsspp on switch it’s like first time seeing cup head/doom on switch

  5. cry says:

    so. im able to load fusee on to Atmosphère 0.8.8 and in the settings it says im all good. but when i go in to albums, it doesnt load up the homebrew manu

  6. azoreseuropa says:

    I am staying with 7.0.1 since they recommended it for now.

    For anybody else who type “first”.. GROW UP! Don’t be an idiot!

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