Details surface from Sony about the upcoming PS5 (and what this could mean for hackers)


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20 Responses

  1. Jarrah White says:

    Any word yet on PS1, PS2 and PS3 backwards compatibility?

    • spok says:

      my bet is there may be PSX/2 soft emu but not PS3 while PS5 shall have same X86 HW as PS4 so i will ignore it until it is jailbroken 🙂

  2. snintendog says:

    ps5 they have yet to do anything worthwhile on ps4 and they renegged on several features i wanted on ps3 its a skip not only that but sonys exclusives are dwindling and becoming stale.

    • ivorysoul says:

      This statement is pretentious as heck. How are Sony’s exclusives becoming stale? Microsoft doesn’t really have any anymore as they canceled of theirs halfway through the XBO’s life cycle. Sony is constantly creating new IPs and trying to keep things fresh. Sure, it wasn’t as good of a generation cycle as I would have liked, but Sony knocked it out of the park with a ton of awesome exclusives. What rock are you living under?

      • Kevin Cormier says:

        I can understand how someone could feel the way he does, sony exclusives mostly have a certain style and if you dont like that style you wont like any of them.

      • CarlLee says:

        Sony is censoring anime games. So no I won’t be getting this. Switch and Xbox is better because it doesn’t censor.

  3. Demian says:

    So then the “PS5” will be a remastered version of the PS4…
    And its games considering backwards compatibility with the PS4, will be (if not all) most of them, remastered editions of those already available on the PS4.
    Nice way of innovation… NOT!
    That lame brand owner lost my interest when they released the PS3… too bad, because I once taught they could do marvels, but now they only do remastered editions.

    • Panzer says:

      I’m just taking a break from playing Dreams to say you’re wrong. Good day.

    • Tyrone says:

      At least we wont have a *** ton of remasters from the ps4. Hopefully this generation is more focused on new games then rereleasing games.

    • Cypherous says:

      To be fair there really isn’t anything left to innovate on, consoles have been running PC hardware for all of this generation and will continue to run PC hardware, you’ve now reached the top of the gaming ladder so to speak, there isn’t anything else “new” and any improvements are just going to be small improvements, i’m not sure what you’re expecting them to do exactly, the next xbox is going to literally be the same thing, its a home console there isn’t any innovation left in that department and there hasn’t been for the entire of this generation either lol

      All consoles can do now is follow the PC trends and try to keep up 😛

      • Kevin Cormier says:

        I think hes trolling, although I would like to see a little more variety from sony… many of their games are quite similar.

      • Demian says:

        You’re right. Moore’s Law became obsolete when the first Dual Core processor came in. The average computer processing power couldn’t keep doubling every two years (as stated by Moore), so they doubled the cores.

        I think gaming consoles will follow that road at some point.

        Innovation is not about having the best hardware nor graphics, but about providing the best and enjoyable games that explore new ways of gaming. But that’s something not all console/game producers know about, instead they keep remastering the remestered of a remaster and sell it as a brand new product. The PS5 would be a clear example of this, if all the information available as of now is real.
        Thinking about the past, this is something not as amazing as it might sound, considering the PSX was a “lended” (cof, cof, stolen) idea from another game/console producer, but it provided “that something” that was diferent and enjoyable… the games.

    • ivorysoul says:

      That’s really bold of you to assume something that was NEVER said. Who said it was a refresh of the PS4? IF you actually go read the full interview with Cerny you will learn it’s not. You also have no clue how hardware works. Up until his current generation, all hardware was proprietary and custom made. Being based on the PS4 hardware architecture is a good thing for the developer so they don’t have to relearn how to code for a system. This article is misinformative and missed half of what Cerny talked about included the proprietary SSD they’re making for the PS4. If the PS3 lost your interest then you must have lost interest in gaming in general. The PS3 had the best exclusives last generation and it’s the same for PS4. Nothing will, of course, beat the PS2, but Sony picked up huge momentum after they launched the Slim PS3 back in 2008 and there are so many great PS3 exclusives.

    • jm8080 says:

      Every new console is basically a “remastered” version of its predecessor what drug are you on?

  4. nebu_187 says:

    i never do a day one purchase as the first models are mostly known to have more issues and probably in a year or 3 there is a new hardware revision i always stick to the older generation untill prices drop and or hardware improves

  5. DarkHao says:

    Given the fact that Sony does not respect people, throws the consoles to the mercy and openly sends all fuск, this Sony went to heck with her ps5.

  6. z2 says:

    this could mean that “hackers” will have another decade of circle jerking and flexing and not releasing exploits even it’s already patched.

  7. GameSaver says:

    Microsoft can only win by making Xbox Live free. Too bad 21st century s just a remastered version of 20th century lol.
    i m sick of remasters and how people support those greedy practices including paid online and half *** games.

  8. azoreseuropa says:

    I am buying it on day one! I have PS3, and PS4. Now this! If it is playable PS4 games on PS5 fully then I would sell PS4 but keep PS3. 🙂

  9. ksd says:

    Its gonna be a light weight AMD based gaming PC with a M.2 SSD. End of story.