Fallen Knights, a Dark Souls inspired homebrew for the PS Vita, released for the public.


Hello there. My name is John and that is all there is to know about me.

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  1. maskmark says:


  2. Wabu says:


  3. Joe G says:


  4. Watashi says:

    hey, you again!

  5. Gambikules says:

    I work on a Project for ps vita with Unity3D too.
    But 25fps with 6 enemy relay very low performance.

  6. stafen says:

    very nice, i love dark souls and this definitly goes into that direction!

  7. PlayaNambaUno says:

    das ist gut

  8. Eric says:

    Yeah! Underground 2 would be awesome!

  9. Casavult says:

    As a Major fan of the souls series, I’m gonna really enjoy this and can’t wait to see what else is coming in the future!

  10. 確かに、それは有望に見えます!

  1. April 7, 2019

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