TheFlow publishes announcement about native PSVita FW 3.69 / 3.70 hack – It’s coming in 6-8 weeks and REQUIRES you to have a PSP game/demo installed!


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30 Responses

  1. Cedar1234 says:

    I bought a psvita game on my ps3 forever ago and transfered it over, would that work?

  2. Cooker says:

    I try to download psp game demo to my ps vita but cannot download with vita.. anyone can please help?

  3. Jepoy says:

    When i buy my psvita i accidentaly updated it 3.69., can i still hack it when 3.69-3.70 hack is release., hope someone answer., thanks

  4. Toasty says:

    After this, will we be able to use moduro to lower the firmware?

  5. StepS says:

    It is worth noting that this hack will not support China mainland region Vitas. Because they are region-locked to the Chinese PSN, which does not include *any* PSP game for download or purchase.

  6. anthony says:

    ape quest isnt available as a demo in the uk can any demo work

    • Toasty says:

      Any demo will work. Ape quest is just one of them.

    • KingDong says:

      Yeah it is. Ape Quest Starter Pack.

      • anthony says:

        it doesnt categorically say its a demo will this work even though its a starter pack

        • KingDong says:

          It’s under the Demo section on Store. It is the only one that will look if you check the other PSP demos you cannot install to Vita.

          • anthony says:

            i found the starter pack and installed it to the vita its runs now do i wait uk doesnt have a demo store its shoved in psp games im a little confused

        • Gomachan says:

          Quite new to this, but would be happy if someone could answer:

          Do I need to run this psp demo Everytime I want to run Homebrew or is it only to install the hack?

  7. George Agrianitis says:

    Nice pick on the Persona 3.
    It’s my personal favourite of the series, and one of the top PSP games as well.

  8. anthony says:

    what do i need to activate out the 3 options i chose game activation have i done it right

  9. Happyolddude says:

    I’m still in the TN-V 3.18 version with Patapon 2 and Tekken , playing PSP and PS1. If this hack can exploit Vita from PSP, will it be possible to older exploited versions to use this from psp and access homebrew? Thank you!

  10. AtomeCrochu says:

    Thanks for these info.

    So my permaban VITA1000 is f*****.
    Time to send it back to the store.

  11. PlayaNambaUno says:

    for most important.. what`s differences between 70hack and 60\65enso?

  12. Ruan says:

    Hi all. I cannot seem to find an Ape Quest demo, I see the full games and then an “Ape Quest Starter Pack”. Is the starter pack the demo? Should I install it? Don’t want to install the wrong one and then be out of luck in a few weeks.

  13. Renato says:

    I got locoroco demo on my ps vita. The problem that I “used” it in order to get VHBL (emulators). Do I need to download it again, so as to get this henkaku?

  14. aki says:

    Do we need to update the locoroco demo for it to work (there is an update for it when you first start it)