Latest PS3 Firmware 4.84 now hacked thanks to “hybrid firmware” release


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20 Responses

  1. brut

    i have 4.82 with HAN, do i need to install it again after updating to 4.84?

  2. ManekiNeko

    This didn’t work so well for me. After installing HFW 4.84 I haven’t been able to downgrade to 4.82 or use any of the pkg files I’d already installed. Others have had the same problem, and have had to run a series of programs on the PS3 as a workaround. I’d wait for the issues with the firmware to be smoothed out before you install it, especially if you already have a hacked version of 4.82 on your system.

    • Lee

      You can’t downgrade/install full custom firmware yet. Need to wait for the nand/nor dumper and writer tools to be updated.

      • benjamin

        wait, so if you have a 2500 series ps3 or lower, you cant install something like rebug 4.84 over HFW ?

  3. BHEN

    Hi guys so if I install this HFW , can I install .PKG files BTW my PS3 is still on 4.83 OFW and what application I can use to install .PKG files? is there a HOW to videos on how to install .PKG once I have the 4.84 HFW? Thanks in advance

  4. Kurosaki

    I think there is no need to install the 4.84 is you already have the 4.82 HAN.
    If you want to use PSN just use the proxy server.
    Wololo should make a totorial for this.

    • noname

      This is bad advice.

      There is no reason to stay on 4.82 (especially if your connecting to PSN).
      That is sending an un-needed RED FLAG by being on a lower CFW and conencting to PSN.



  5. Gryphon

    Does this now mean I can mod my CECH-3001A?
    I was told that it is impossible about six months ago.

  6. STLcardsWS

    @wololo this has been updated to 4.84.2 (corrected a bug)
    and Flash and Dumper tools have been released
    (i.e. CFW installs now possible again)

    All info in source link above in article for psx-place

  7. Fionna

    i have a superslim console running OFW 4.60. what’s best option for hacking that thing?

  8. Curcius

    Please make hybrid firmware PS4 6.50/5.55 =D

  9. Tommy

    Hi I have a problem when I try to install it says: The lastest version of the system software is already installed. There is no need to update.