PSVita: TheFlow’s GTA Native Resolution Patch released alongside Adrenaline 6.9 – You can now play the PSP’s GTA games at the native resolution (960×544) on your Vita/PSTV!


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17 Responses

  1. Joe G says:

    Cheers Guys!! Many a thanks to flow for his hard work and generosity. 10 steps ahead as always!

  2. Juniorpsvita says:

    Final fantasy Crisis Core Plis.

  3. Orange peel says:

    Final fantasy type 0!

  4. tangra87 says:

    Kingdom hearts BBB Final Mix

  5. stophart says:

    i am tryed and it is amazing thanks for that flow

  6. Henkaku says:

    Plz I have never asked for anything before, but for the love of all that is holy in this world, plz I beg of you to make a monster hunter freedom unite and portable 3rd resolution plugin.

  7. Volkan says:

    Waiting for chinatown wars and ultimate alliance
    Thanks flow

  8. Sprucius says:

    There a list of the most likely games, who will get the patch:

    – Midnight Club: LA Remix
    – Midnight Club 3 : DUB edition
    – GTA : VCS
    – GTA : LCS
    – GOW : JP/Korean
    – GOW : Ghost of Sparta
    – GOW : Chains Of Olympus
    – Daxter
    – Ys Seven
    – The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
    – Grand Knights History
    – Tactics Ogre
    – Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker
    – Star Ocean : Second Evolution
    – Driver 76
    – Chili Con Carnage

  9. lollypop says:

    lollypops psvita kodi pseudotv document

    now to update android 7.0 on my androidtv
    so i can run kodi 19.04 gain o0
    and install pseudo
    with plexkodiconnect repo

  10. percy says:

    can’t use cwcheat while using the native resolution psvita freezes.

  11. Smoker1 says:

    Anyone else not able to run CWCheat for some reason under Adrenaline? TempAR runs perfectly fine, but I can not get CWCheat to come up. I even Copied over from my PSP. Nothing. Used to work a while ago.

  12. googlan78 says:

    When this plugins enable, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Midnight Club LA Remix iso backup getting an error and it won’t start.