TheFlow making progress with running the PSP’s Grand Theft Auto games on the PSVita at its native resolution (960×544) – You may soon be able to play GTA without blurriness on your PSVita!


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  1. blaa says:

    it is not double, but 4 times the resolution of PSP

  2. Tlok Kh says:

    Please do the same work with kh bbs.

  3. lollypop says:

    maybe have a henkaku python webservice ?
    maybe a xproject python webservice ?
    maybe add a game server …
    lets play gta again xD

    i was referring to docker or native python projects like
    couchpotato sickbeard sickgear sickchill sickchill
    anything sick that gets the job done …

  4. lollypop says:

    emscripten kodi for psvita ofc

  5. lollypop says:

    sickrage bazarrr radarr or sickxproject what there for docker or native hubs
    and ofc gameserver emscripten with em-native em-wine and em-dosbox gameserver for more docker or native hub phun on consoles. Whats sthere for searchmetacrawlers and consoles ? and oldscool gaming servers … sure kodi emscripten minux blueray etc etc …

  6. Dantenerosas says:

    That kind of patch for Persona 3 Portable or Disgaeas would be golden. Tho they look almost fine as is

  7. takamachi says:

    Please do the same work with mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha gears of destiny

  8. Orange Peel says:

    Would be nice to have native resolution for Final Fantasy Type-0 too. Think that game is underrated, especially that it didn’t get an english release so had to use translation patch.

  9. nebu_187 says:

    is there a possibillity this will one day be patched on all of adrenaline it looks so nice!

  10. DarkHao says:

    eh.. we need somethin like addon for adrenaline with that feature.. for playn in all good games, not only in GTA..

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