Windows 10 ARM currently being ported to the Nintendo Switch – You may want to grab a large (and fast) SD Card as multi-booting your Switch may be possible in the future!


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  1. NakedFaerie says:

    Nice to see the hardware is being used to its full potential. Pity the owners (NintenDOH) are lame and wont even let us use Netflix on it.
    THIS is what happens when they put stupid restrictions on devices, people will always find a way around that stupid limitation.
    EG: look at what happened when $ony removed Linux from the PS3, it was hacked and linux came back and so did backups and homebrew. Its THEIR own fault for backups on the PS3. If they never removed Linux then it will still be the unhacked console.
    The PS4 never had linux so it was also hacked and now can play backups.
    I say, if they enabled LInux from the start it wont get hacked. The PS3 is proof of that. It was never hacked until they removed Linux.

    • chanks says:

      this is false and you are rationalizing your decisisions. Sony removing linux 10+ years ago has nothiing to do with Nintendo Switch or PS4 being hacked. every console that is hackable will get hacked and piracy its just the natural order of things. Its true a lot of restrictions are annoying to us but companies reserve the right to do what they want.

  2. Willyo says:

    Grab a large and fast ***… who writes this stuff!

  3. MillenniumEagle says:

    I love the fact that this was posted after I happened to order a 100mbps 256gb micro sd card for my Switch. Life sometimes really do like that.

  4. FFTW says:

    this is insane lol. damn XD

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