Looking to buy a 3DS on the cheap late in its life? – If so, eBay’s auctions might be a good idea to check out if you want to spend $30-40 on one!


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  1. PsybrPyrit says:

    Prepare for higher 3ds prices now

  2. SFA says:

    Tsuyoshi sold more than1500 Japanese PSP last few months. He is a great guy. Personally got 6 Nintendo DS lite for 3$ each.

  3. Sleepy says:

    This is great, this website should have more article about 3DS/DS, etc..

  4. Paolo says:

    The models’ offer is really confusing:

    2DS –
    3DS –
    3DS XL –
    New 3DS –
    New 3DS XL –

    they are technically the same ( apart form factor)? Or, which one is the best?
    They are, ehm, “homebrew friendly?
    Can run nintendo ds emulator on it?

    • Ken Arromdee says:

      XL refers to the form factor and 2DS has no 3D on it. New versus not-New is actually a technical difference and you want the New one. Note: It is hard to find the non-XL form factor with a New system since only a few were released as part of bundles.

      All versions are homebrew (or piracy) friendly.

      You can run TwilightMenu to play DS ROMs. It isn’t strictly speaking an emulator.

      • Paolo says:

        thanks a lot, so if i buy one used update to the last firmware i can still install a custom firmware or hack it in someway?

    • Maskmark says:

      and new 2ds XL

  5. Frump says:

    The young man that wrote this article is too poor to own a DS.. . Sad.

  6. Xmonster says:

    yes you can buy used for 50 but in my country i pay only for 2DS XL like 90 dollars new with 2 games yes i hacked but not worst money what i spend 😀

  7. RazorX2019 says:

    a day or two before this post came up i had just bought an old 3ds xl off ebay 🙂

  8. azoreseuropa says:

    Don’t liked 3DS. Hate the foldable. And ugly looking!

  9. Hostage says:

    Pawn shops are good too you can test before you buy and have paid 18$ for one. Bought old3ds Zelda gold one for 35$ at pawn shop.

  10. Baseh says:

    I think he should get the his p e n i s removed to become the full a u r o z e t t.