Atmosphère 0.8.4 released: Switch FW 7.0.0/7.0.1 now supported, kernel patches for JIT support added and more!


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  1. Vorde says:


  2. TheZ says:

    This is great for all us that loves to steal games.

  3. azoreseuropa says:


    Wow.. you are so dumb! Indeed, you are an idiot! First ? What an idiot!
    Anyway, nah. I will wait then.

  4. Z3ttf@ggot says:


  5. TheZ3ttisAurotran says:

    This is my favorite site to learn how to steal games.

  6. TheZ3ttisAurotran says:

    Does it really matter that Z e t t is pretending to a woman? The real question is has the ball been chopped yet… A u r o z e t t for Eva!

  7. Aidelrave says:

    My understanding is that everything other than SX OS is trash for the time being.

  8. Questioneer says:

    How this can be installed with R4S-dongle?
    Does one need to wait for them to publish an dongle-image?
    I have tried to look for info on this, but haven’t found any…