Emulation on the go: Android gets MonoNX, an experimental Nintendo Switch emulator; and DaedalusX64 (Nintendo 64) is apparently being ported to the PSVita!


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  1. Acid_Snake says:

    “… states that there may be an attempt to access the PSP hardware found inside the Vita’s SoC to improve emulation performance although this idea has never been employed in any homebrew in the past and it’s unknown whether it’d work.”

    I asked Total_Noob/TheFlow a while back if it was possible to use both the Vita and PSP CPU at the same time to make hybrid homebrews. His answer was “yes”, so it is indeed a good idea for Daedalus to be ported to the Vita, using the ARM cores to translate code and the MIPS core to execute the translated code. That and a little bit of Vita hardware doing the sound and graphics would breed new life into Daedalus.

  2. 初音ミク says:

    PSVita finally discontinued in Japan. R.I.P