PSVita/Switch Releases: Julius, a Caesar 3 port (Vita), Jump’n’Bump (Vita/Switch) and Super Mario War 1.0 (Vita) released – You can now go back to Roman times on your Vita with its newly released Caesar III port!


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  1. rsn8887 says:

    If you have a bluetooth keyboard, you can enable the AI in Jump’n’Bump by going in-game and pressing 1,2,3,4 to switch those bunnies over to AI.

    However, it is pointless because the AI is really dumb and the game is no fun without human opponents.

    I made a version of devnoname’s amazing Julius port where I improved the controls, if you want to check it out. It fixes the things mentioned in this article. It adds analog joystick mouse control, touch gestures, bluetooth keyboard and mouse control. It implements the on-screen keyboard (press start to bring it up). I just made a pull request to devnoname120’s repo hopefully devnoname120 can take a look soon.

    Download of Julius version with improved controls:!gBpUhYqK!J8teLfCJcWbU18wG_hpOxDZekdIHbxkSq8D5jzIvGsc

  2. Djinn0o0 says:

    Yesss, i was so addicted to this game in the past

  3. Nano says:

    SuperMarioWar v.1.0 is crashing at star, error: C2-12828-1

  4. rsn8887 says:

    I made a PR for Julius Vita that fixes the shortcomings with controls:

    * Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support
    * On-screen keyboard by pressing start, useful to enter player name etc.
    * Analog joystick mouse control via left stick
    * Touchpad-style mouse control with gestures (short tap for left click, etc.)

    Link is on my Patreon Page or here in the forum if you want to try it out.

  5. DarkHao says:

    Great, now we waiting heroes 3 coz why not?=)

  6. m77 says:

    same for me

  7. the_wett says:

    But I like Caesar 3, used to play it alot back in the day. Big thanks for the port devnoname120, Rinnegatamante and rsn8887.