PS3 Update 4.84 released, does not patch StoreHaxx


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12 Responses

  1. DevilGearHill says:


    *looks at his PS4 with tired eyes*

    …don’t worry. The day’ll come.

  2. drawerfloat says:

    All good news from hacking scenes this week.

  3. Ra-D-OH-3H says:

    Nikt nie wyda nic na nowy firmware ps4. chyba że znajdzie się jakiś “renegat”… nie ma w tym żadnego celu.

  4. Azure7th says:

    🙁 sucks i wanted my slim 4xxx slim to play backups or be able to play mkv format videos

  5. lollypop says:

    psxita v2 works like a charm xD
    but howto backup to fakepkg right on the ps4 itself in psxita v2 linux?
    i have a 32gb memstick with psxitav2 linux on it and a ps4 with database extender 4TB.
    How to make ProPper backups from ps4 ?
    and ftp to my 10TB backup …

    • PSXitaV2 says:

      Yeah, I’m surprised no mention of PSXita Arch Linux v2? Better driver support, GPU acceleration and run lower end Steam games or emulation. The DS4 can also work on the fly yeah or plug and play.