Modoru, a PSVita / PSTV FW downgrading utility, by TheFlow released! – You can take your FW 3.67/8 Vita and downgrade it to FW 3.60 for HENkaku Enso and more!


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  1. Basam Zayniaie says:

    I’m speechless!!!!!!! Just a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DemonWing90 says:

    just downgraded mine to 3.65 and installed enso and an sd2vita!! its great being able to downgrade to a firmware version capable of using enso!

  3. DemonWing90 says:

    This is awesome. i just downgraded my vita to 3.65 and installed enso and an sd2vita for an awesome hacked vita

  4. Kevin says:

    1st comment 😀

  5. White Demon18 says:

    The end of the PSVita officially begins.

  6. Kenzo says:

    3.69/70 just f*** yourselves

  7. Daipop says:

    Which is the recommended firmware to downgrade and why? 3.60? 3.65?…

  8. SCOTT0852 says:

    IMCUnlock actually works perfectly with this, I downgraded from 3.68 to 3.60 and it works perfectly, I even have enso now.

    • Çağhan DEMİR says:

      It does weird things if you downgrade to a firmware before the Slim was released (like 1 or 2), that’s why it says that.

  9. Alex says:

    I wonder if this would also be possible on PS4, a lot of things that can be done on a vita when it comes to this kind of stuff, a lot of it can also be easily ported to PS4. I assume like with the vita a exploited PS4 will be required to downgrade, which right off the bat reduces the reason for a PS4 port. However some people may prefer older exploited firmwares for greater stability or maybe some Homebrew was only made to work on a specific firmware, whatever the reason, a PS4 downgrade ability even if it requires the console to be exploited, some people may appreciate it released.

  10. Deco says:

    Ahh… My second Vita is on 3.69… I guess more waiting…

  11. Shiggitay says:

    Ha! I’ve been on 3.60 since Enso was initially released on a 2012 release model Japanese imported Vita. I’m running it wit ref00d very happily, so this downgrader isn’t really for me, but it’s pretty damn cool that it’s possible!

  12. 0xBF says:

    What about building the image for writing to EMMC for bricked PSV? -_-

  13. lollypop says:

    320kaku for fw3.20 !!!!

  14. RavenEyes says:

    Please help me. I had done all the instructions above but whenever I open the modoru app It always give Error 0x80010002 opening ux0:app/MODORU/psp2updat.pup

    Please guys any help

  15. RagManX says:

    Did not expect this to be released so soon after it was hinted at. Very happy to have it now, though. Downgraded to 3.60 Enso last night on my 2nd Vita. Going to buy another SD2Vita card today and pump that system from a meager 32 Gig to 256 Gig storage. Do I need that much? Why no, but I need more than 32G and microSD are super affordable now.

  16. KaasK0ph says:

    Thanks TheFlow.
    Now running succesfully 3.65 ENSO from 3.68.

  17. KevsRe says:

    Is modoru support PHC2006?

  18. Nimrod says:

    I tried it but at the firmware install screen a message pops up „this firmware cannot be installed on this system“ I am on 3.65enso. I installed Modoru and disabled plug ins. But I can’t start enso before modoru like in the tutorial because my revision is to Old and the WebKit don’t works on 3.65. can someone help?

  19. KevsRe says:

    Is modoru supports PS Vita Slim PCH2006?

  20. Izoshi says:

    the PS VITA Downgrade is avaible for only FW 3.60, 3.65, 3.67 and 3.68 or its from 3.60 to 3.68?
    Because i have PS VITA 3.61

  21. heavyq says:

    Really stupid question, but I cannot figure out how to run the .vpk for vitashell. Which program do y’all recommend for this? I have a modded PSP but am looking to mod my PS Vita once I can downgrade from 3.69. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


    • Enzy says:

      To install a .vpk you already need a modded console. H-encore installs VitaShell during it’s installation and you need VitaShell to install other .vpk’s. You’ll have to be patient for a little longer since 3.69 and 3.70 can’t currently be hacked, but there are 2 unreleased exploits on the horizon.

  22. q says:

    I used the wrong file (factory was 3.65, but the target was 3.60) and now my Vita is stuck in a bootloop. Is my Vita permanently bricked? I’ve tried resetting and trying everything on safe mode but it doesn’t do anything.

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