RetroArch 1.7.6 released: PlayStation 2 port released with 4 cores, significant progress made on PlayStation 4/Xbox One ports, Ozone menu driver (Switch-esque) added and more!


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  1. duh_dehtt says:

    lets play some retro games a u r o z e t t.

  2. lollypop says:

    Now liborbis SDK is in the works with opengl ? … are there plans for a ps4dpm thats a ps4 device package manager that installs ur SDK and libs ??
    on the otherhand in emulation Q’s … great work on the RetroArch native and ps2 disc0 on ps4 … is FreeMcBoot comming to a ps4 ?
    so the Q is will there be ps2 or ps4 native ports for various emulators like on my tegra android … the titles intresting would be …
    counterstrike and counterstrike go … shieldtv tegrazone moonlight steam-link dolphin Mupen64PlusFZ AMD-link steam Nintendo-switch-online and ofc retroarch ??? xDD
    keep up the good work xD

  3. Dominater01 says:

    for people who want the latest builds for xbox one check out my mediafire page at

    *im sorry for the advertising but i just wanted to let yall know where to find the latest versions

  4. Aidelrave says:

    The vita version sucks ***. Ever since its conception, its never been able to run GBA games, SNES is spotty and wonderswan is pretty bad, too. Such a shame.

  5. Bimbo says:

    why you changed site style ? 🙁

  6. lollypop says:

    do we almost have a webinterfaced webgl cxbx open source emulator for first xbox ?
    or do i get a core ?

  7. MillenniumEagle says:

    This RetroArch PS2 progress is really cool! Looking forward to comparing them to existing emulators on the thing!