Switch releases: Unofficial osu! client released and Atmosphere updated to 0.8.3 – Jamming to osu! songs is now a thing with McOsu NX


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4 Responses

  1. The Zett says:

    You forgot to mention that Atmosphère 0.8.3 now supports rebooting from CFW into CFW (from Atmosphère 0.8.3 into another payload), without requiring a dongle or another injector (e.g. a PC connection via USB).

    While the initial boot of the CFW requires an injection, rebooting into the same or another one does not.

  2. exa says:

    damn i love this game, the switch is getting everything i wanted for the vita like warframe and now a port of osu…but apparently it requires at least 1gb of ram, which the vita has only half of.

  3. retrogengamer says:

    It’s good to have options likes atmosphere and Reinx without having to pay for cfw like sx os.