Sony PSVita firmware 3.70 released – Game decryption keys not changed so reF00D will still work with the latest games!


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  1. Wetalo

    “even though there aren’t an awful lot of games to look forward to since Catherine Full Body won’t even be released in English on the Vita.”

    This is news to me… 🙁

  2. The_thett

    Expected a bit more with 3.70 🙁
    Thank God (TheFlow) exploit still works.

  3. Kamil Locarno

    what’s the difference betweeen NpDrm and food keys ?

    • Rai Bakuoh

      Im not 100% sure on the therms, but NonPdrm are false tickets to games you didn’t buy so you can trick the vita to run the games.
      Food keys are the encription keys used in 3.69-3.70 firmwares thtat prevent you from play new games on older firmwares, even if it’s an original cartridge game you can’t play it without those keys or an update.

  4. Vitaguy

    R.I.P 3.6X

  5. SCE-CEO

    “This system software update improves system performance.”

  6. game changer

    what types of games i can play if i hack my vita FW 3.69

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