Postal Vita released – GOING POSTAL on your beloved PSVita is now totally possible!


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11 Responses

  1. TechmanTim says:

    Even though i’m not much in to these type of games, thank you for all you hard work that you do.

  2. billzdaman says:

    The game just kicks me back to the Start screen.

  3. Johnny Rico says:

    Hey, I had the same problem at first, here is my installation :

    1 – Create ux0:/data/Postal folder, then ux0:/data/Postal/savegame folder

    2 – Copy ALL files and folders from the Postal game (including POSTAL.INI) to ux0:/data/Postal

    3 – Install vpk from Rinnegatamante (thanks to you man !)

    4 – Launch the game, uncheck “use mouse” or something like that in the options, so the aim cross is not locked and can be moved anywhere in 360 ° for most of game weapons 🙂 with right stick

    5 – Enjoy pure violence

  4. joey says:

    how can we know if it worth playing on it if there isnt any game-play video anywhere….?

  5. Jefphar says:

    Works nice. Thank you Rinnegatamante. I hope you can port more nice games from Steam.

  6. MOJ says:

    Also i am not into this sort of games(yet i would give it a try) i should thank developer Rinnegatamante for all his hard work which may take other developers attention to vita!

  7. Aur0ra is a dude says:

    Come out of the closet!

  8. Ein Owl says:

    I just think.. if that port can just get files of original game, why not to remake port into emulator and play in many GOG games? it`s just add some lib`s i think.. and some main control settings.. and TA-DAAA!!! xD

  9. Marlow says:

    Good fun game. Thanks to Bologna! Sadly it never loads the third level on my oled vita but crashes into “start new game”.
    Game-files I use seem to originate from gog…can’t find it there though.

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