The PlayStation Classic Is Apparently Doing So Well That It’s Already Being Heavily Discounted! – Should you get one now or is it still a waste of money?


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  1. duh_dehtt

    Remember not to use their ref links.

    not givin mony to ya tha zetto.

  2. Daipop

    Maybe if I had some bucks to spare, but money is scarce nowdays

  3. grecomafioso

    Or you could just get a raspberry 3 and install Retropie on it to play all your PSX games AND emulate much more platforms. It’s cheaper and you have a device that you can easily mount behind your tv for example. Also works with Bluetooth controllers with minimal lag.

    • coolbleem

      I did that awhile back and have my rpi3 in the nespi case, this thing can do many things since its basically a mini linux computer and depends on what os is installed on the sd, I have on sd with kodi and that has retroarch in it, and I have a 32gb image of a custom themed emulator that looks like a pandora 4s. but I still am keeping both my vita oled 3.60 and pstv

  4. Nanashi

    You forgot the fact that many of the games were PAL versions, complete with 50 FPS, making everyone suffer poor performance for being able to sell it in Quebec.

    Frankly I’m not sure how Sony America got the idea to include the horrible Persona translation either.

    • dmaskell92

      FF7 is arguably the worst translated PS1 game. I liked the game but I don’t see why people are blinded to the fact 8, and even 9 where better games.

      But yeah, horrible line-up.

      It will never be worth it IMO, anyone who prefers this over a PSTV is insane.

  5. Jan Toben

    39 at Target with cart wheel app

  6. Top Kek

    Nice sneaky amazon ref links, no real information in the article either. So glad I block ads on this “website”

  7. gfb

    I’ve had my ps3 modded for 7 years and still haven’t figured out how to run ps1 games and haven’t come across a tutorial that worked for me yet. Does anyone have any advice on this?

  8. Spongerob

    This thing doesn’t even include an AC adapter? That’s hilarious. I can’t believe how cynical Sony has become after a little bit of success with PS4.

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