Q-encore released – A quicker way to relaunch h-encore on your FW 3.67/8 PSVita or PSTV!


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19 Responses

  1. First says:

    I will keep mine in 3.60…

  2. joey says:

    how come i dont have any PCSG90096 folder on my 3.68 h-encore jailbroken vita?

  3. dmaskell92 says:

    3.65 master race

  4. aner says:

    What if we’re running 3.65 enso?

    • Big Boi says:

      If you are running on Enso your vita is already the perfect cfw machine. This is for those on 3.70

  5. swd says:

    Did not work for me. copy the system.dat in the “open decrypted” Folder. Every time i reboot it goes to the normal Menu from TheFloW, i have to push Exit in the bootstrap. After this proceed i can re open h-encore bubble and the it shows up the “quick-encore” but at this time i dont need it anymore – the first h-encore expoilt is already done. It think it is a bug.

  6. Ryan says:

    Installed Q-HENCORE through AUTOPLUGIN 3.63 (yes I have Hencore installed prior working 100%)
    After restart I tapped on the Hencore app and all I got was error messesages left and right. It does not work and now my Vita is rendered useless and access to QCMA is not an option since it asks for system update in order to access it. I’m sc*** thanks a lot.

  7. exa says:

    uhm…i dont see any difference. it works exactly the same way as h-encore. i undergo the same process as i would’ve before; boot vita, click hencore, click play, click exit. there’s no difference lmao

  8. Tautvydas says:

    how to fix Q-HENCORE after updating AUTOPLUGIN 3.63
    1) turn on flight mode on ps vita
    2)hack using auto h-encore

  9. Sakitoshi says:

    Thanks, now my x button is gonna last longer for that button press I’m saving.

  10. jkhansu88 says:

    does henhaku needs a psn account linked??

  11. The_Dead says:

    Duz this work on 3.69?

  12. 007 says:

    didn’t worked on my Vita Fat H-encore 3.68 PCH-1004

  13. BlueRobotShoes says:

    As nice as this is for those that say they “must have it”…it’s definitely a waste of time overall. Just press the buttons and have fun. I do hope that this does turn into something better in the future so good work on pleasing the impatient.

  14. brandon streit says:

    Can we not forgot who the flow is, He was aka Total Noob!

  15. James says:

    I had the same issue as SWD; I still get the normal menu on first run of H-Encore, and only on the second run does the replaced system.dat take effect, but at that point it isn’t needed. Is this a bug?