Tutorial: How To Stream Your PSVita’s Screen To Your PC With Minimal Effort! – Playing Vita games on a bigger screen can’t get much easier


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21 Responses

  1. Da_dhett

    Coll, but that watermark makes it useless.

  2. billzdaman

    I followed all the step and it just says Can’t find video device.

  3. tomatosoup

    When I get everything connected, my audio gets all garbled and terrible, as soon as I disconnect the USB cable it goes back to normal but obviously no video that way, any tips?

  4. Big Boi

    Well if my $200 hardmoded vita capture card ever fails theres an alternative to fall back on

  5. Azure

    so I’m guessing there’s not going to be a vita emulator for the PC?

  6. tarek

    hi always the camera is opening on my laptop when I press my cam other device

  7. bolo

    Recommend setting potplayer scaling to 2x if you have 1080p display. It will essentially remove 2 lines of pixels to the bottom and 2 to the top so you won’t even notice it but it will improve picture quality a lot.

  8. Enigma Hall

    I only want is a solution to stream it to a android device.
    Anyone was tryed with this pluguin and a android app?

  9. Dragda

    Same to me, the pc still recognicing the console as a PsVita, not a video device.

  10. Counterslip

    It is cool that you can use a bigger screen but the Vita is long dead, who is really going to bother doing this. Also writing an article like this pretending to be girl into tech is not a good marketing skill, we are not stupid.

  11. DrDastan

    I followed all the steps and my Vita shut down and won’t reboot beyond the warning screen. Had to restore the system and all the data and hacks got erased.

  12. tangra87

    Does it work with PlaystationTV(VitaTV) ?

  13. Draco

    @aurora, mind sharing the theme you have on your vita in the last pic? thank you

  14. Prfct

    What game is that on the first screenshot?

  15. resuke

    Streaming to Android device would be awesome, that way we could play the VITA even while traveling on a 10″ tablet.