3 Fun Classic Macintosh Games That Run Well In Basilisk II on the PSVita – The Mac Was Actually Good For Gaming Once!


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  1. Leires says:

    sim city 2000 was such a fun game for what it was

  2. tangra87 says:

    someone shoul do a port of Heroes of might and magic 3 for the PSVITA 🙂 It will be awaysome to be able to play this game on the go 🙂

  3. Jgr9 says:

    SimTower? 😛

  4. Smoker1 says:

    Thing is, kind of hard to find MAC Games from back then 🙁
    Also Pong Kombat 3 (Mortal Kombat+Pong in 1). Only thing is, it is a DEMO, requiring a Kombat Kode of sorts to Unlock it.

  5. duh_deht says:

    3 signs that the zett dont have nothing to post.

    – this is one of them

  6. Dantemx01 says:


  7. DarkHao says:

    I know i know. .wrong time.. wrong place… but.. just imagine..
    kairosoft games on vita

  8. Captn Hecktor says:

    All the Ambrosia SW games. Escape Velocity should run too.

  9. DarkDante says:

    Can anyone help me get this going? I’ve got Basilisk installed on my vita, and have found the rom and OS files so that I can successfully load to the Mac desktop. I have Simcity 2000 in .sit format in my disks folder (I’ve also tried cdrom, and files folders), I use ‘Select’ to mount either floppy or cdrom, but nothing happens. Do I need a different file format? I also tried a .dmg image file, but putting that in the cdrom folder makes it appear as an audio cd on desktop. I do need to add something to the config file to get it to mount? any help would be really appreaciated!

  10. fak3 says:

    don’t need to pirate mac games. most of them are abandonware and could be easily downloaded from Macintoshgarden.org 😉

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