PS4: Firmware 6.20 does not patch the recent webkit vulnerability or the “secret method”


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15 Responses

  1. mten666 says:

    Aside from that other obvious thing, I’m actually excited for homebrews as well.
    Great news, indeed!

  2. Basam Zayniaie says:

    That’s the best news ever for the playstation 4 scene…

  3. Scott says:

    First….exciting times

  4. Doctow says:

    great! i got really excited cause i accidently updated to 6.20 but now there is a big chance for me and others to get the JB on their ps4! 😀

  5. Zero says:

    I see Big Boss is in character, saying some dumb ***. lol

  6. Magusar says:

    F*ck it I am updating.

  7. meysam says:

    guys I’d it safe for me to update

  8. R says:

    My Depression will come to an end soon :-).

  9. switch1 says:

    Please don’t release JB so early… a lot of new games coming 2019…. release JB after those games…

    • Jeremy says:

      With that logic we’ll be waiting till the ps5 releases before we get another exploit for the ps4. They should go ahead and release something to bring the scene back to life. Some of us have been stuck on 5.05 for a long time. Would be nice to update and play some new games. There’s been alot of games released sense 5.05 and prices of used games have went down alot to so the piracy side of the argument is pointless at this point. Besides if you’ve been keeping up with the news lately you should know there’s multiple exploits confirmed to work on 6.20 so releasing something now wouldn’t hurt anything

      • Jack Attack says:

        You only hack consoles to pirate. The original Xbox was the last console worth hacking because of its architecture, hardware and time frame for being an affordable, powerful, at the time, media center. People don’t do homebrew games like they used to because it’s so easy to go legit with it and actually make a living. It’s also been a long time since we’ve seen tinkerers actually have fun with a console and push it to its absolute technical limits.

        One could make an argument for hacking a handheld (if more powerful than a tablet/cell phone) or hybrid systems like the Switch.

        But otherwise it’s for pirating now. And until we get proper digital rights, that’s actually the single most important reason for hacking closed platforms that steal your rights to ownership. (their EULAs cannot strip you of your rights, but they can outspend you in court defending their privilege to steal)

        Until games are allowed to be backed up locally, drm free, we must hack explicitly for piracy. Not to steal, but to KEEP what we BOUGHT even after their service/support goes down and you need to replace your console.

        • Big Boi says:

          Oh please go play White Knight somewhere else. Piracy is every *** where.
          Homebrew was a big deal back then only b/c it wasn’t all over the place like it is now. If anybody is going to spend alot of money on hackable system they might as well take full advantage of it in an anonymous manner. If you are worried about piracy then go help Sony prevent more exploits instead of writing an essay about how to be a good boy on the net.

  10. Retro_Dogs says:

    Yes,Great NEWS RDR 2 I am coming baby

  11. Spaarks says:

    4.55 Golden Firmware. Just need a pkg for RDR2. Spoof works but ya´ll all some lazy *** ^^
    nice work on 6.20 . . . why do you noobs update again?