Emulation News: PPSSPP 1.7.5 Released, Ryujinx can now load Super Smash Bros Ultimate which was released yesterday and Citra (3DS Emulator) Gets Accurate LLE Audio Emulation


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  1. Krizalid says:


  2. Daipop says:


  3. Zero says:

    Since LLE Audio causes such lag, I really hope they left in HLE Audio. At least, until the lag from LLE goes away.

  4. Azure7th says:

    Everybody is in ultimate!!! Are you in?

  5. Sohel says:

    Switch Emulator Ryujinx run SSBU,But 5-10 fps 🙁

  6. Big Boi says:

    Nothing to be excited about the Switch Emulator Ryujinx . I give them props to get certain games compatibility, but this is just a baby step towards playablility