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Work on emulating the Nintendo DS on the PSVita starts again – Rinnegatamante currently porting melonDS to the PSVita


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17 Responses

  1. Dialtone says:

    Emulation for the win

  2. Jeff says:

    Damn. with this, my vita will really be the ultimate emulation machine. Goodbye smartphone! Haha

  3. Formedras says:

    Would DS emulation on ARM devices benefit from dynamic recompilation, in part to convert NDS API calls to emulator API calls? I mean, I doubt outright virtualization is a viable option, but there’s got to be something to make emulating an ARM system on a more advanced ARM system less demanding.

  4. Daniel Tome says:

    I still need to get more done with my sd/vita on my 3g model. but ill try this out with my pstv when it gets better

  5. Unknown Hacker says:

    Thank you ❤️️ for the news guys…

  6. Elwood_X says:

    A working DS can be bought now for ~10-15$ everywhere in the world. A r4 micro sd adapter is another 10$.
    A proper DOS games handheld cannot be bought for 25$.
    Why emulate the DS which is almost guaranteed to be too slow on the Vita, when a good dosbox native Vita port could be made instead?
    Just asking….

  7. Gabriel Franco says:

    Btw, Why Drastic can run games so well? even on *** phones it got a very good emulation, would be good to talk about closed sources emulators and why sometimes they are better than the open source ones

  8. Demian says:

    Now this.
    One more reason to thank Vita’s scene devs, and not that lame brand owner.

    Looking forward to emulate with this on my Vita. Thanks!!!

  9. Junior says:

    Reicast plis!

  10. VitaMin says:

    I love you! \(^o^)/

  11. JReca says:

    FFTA2 would be a bomb for me right now. Need this very much. Good luck with the endeavor.

  12. Pierpaolo Piccoli says:

    great news. There is a great Castlevania on ds. Currently playing on drastic on smarthphone. On Vita would be another story

  13. DarkHao says:

    Thats sooo good news, Thx! =)))

  14. NanoSpeedGamer says:

    Bad Proyect