Recent Emulation News: Significant DeSmuME performance improvemenfts, MAME 0.204 released and Performance Issues on the PlayStation Classic especially on PAL titles


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  1. unknown hacker says:

    Excellent News. I want a nintendo ds emulator for ps vita, nothing else. It is shame for ceratin users bout efforts of making ds for ps vita which is amazing and it has the disadvantage which is stuck. If the problem gonna be solved, then it will work like the other emulator ( example gba ).Please tell me guys, which is your opinion?

    • d00f says:

      What the heck did you just say?

      • Unknown Hacker says:

        What the heck did I just say? For what I said is I simply need a great Nintendo ds emulator for ps vita. But the Nintendo ds doesn’t work very well. Did you understand what I said now or will you tell me again what the heck did I say?

  2. MobCat says:

    More like 9 of the 20 games are PAL
    Battle Arena Toshinden – PAL
    Cool Boarders 2 – PAL
    Destruction Derby – PAL
    Grand Theft Auto – PAL
    Jumping Flash – PAL
    Oddworld: Abes Oddysee – PAL
    Resident Evil Director´s Cut – PAL
    Tekken 3 – PAL
    Rainbow Six – PAL
    Twisted Metal – NTSC-U
    Wild arms – NTSC-U
    Final Fantasy VII – NTSC-U
    Intelligent Qube – NTSC-U
    Metal Gear Solid – NTSC-U
    Mr. Driller – NTSC-U
    Rayman – NTSC-U
    Revelations: Persona – NTSC-U
    Ridge Racer Type 4 – NTSC-U
    Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo – NTSC-U
    Syphon Filter – NTSC-U
    So i really want to see if the PAL console is just the same software in a different box and how the Japanese console fears as its meant to have NTSC-J games on there. It looks like the console can emulate NTSC games fine so this mix of PAL and NTSC software is just weird

  3. fugelmir says:

    ps1 games haven’t aged well visually. I mean, other than 2d sprite games. Ps2 classic would have made a lot more sense.

    I would suggest ps3 has an excellent online collection of ps1 games (and is highly moddable also). A used one probably costs less than a ps1 classic!

  4. Nanashi says:

    For those that don’t know, the PAL version thing is almost certainly so they can sell it in Quebec since the PAL versions are the only ones with French language options. Per Quebec agreements with video game lobbying groups, if there is NOT a French version of a game, it only needs French box to be sold in Quebec but if there is a French version it has to be included to be sold there. The SNES mini ran into this issue but didn’t bother compromising quality and had grey market imports.

  5. Bunny says:

    Ha-Ha…I win!
    Everyone will cancel their ps1 classic orders except the great me!
    And then I will be the only one on my block to own a mint ps1 classic.
    Ha-Ha…my evil plan is…complete.

  6. ramenline says:

    i’m all for people buying microconsoles, they may be cash grabs, but it’s a nice chill holiday gift for someone who doesn’t really care about modding consoles for emulators.

    but this? pathetic.

  7. Demian says:

    You’d have to be really st**id to buy one of those PSX-Classux.

    There are a lot better ways to get into the “oldies” bandwagon.

    Another *hit from that lame brand owner.

  8. Hello says:

    Absolutely disgusting article once again, more copy / paste news as well as spelling errors. Regurgitating what other people state when you have no clue what is actually being stated may work for other sites but I expected better from this one.