Nintendo Switch Hacking News: Firmware 6.2.0 cracked; hactool updated for it AND Super Smash Bros Ultimate dump in the wild that BRICKS your console if you didn’t take precautions


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  1. Lawrence Yu says:

    Can I get more info on why and how the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game dump bricks your switch? Unless you mean that fakes will brick your switch and the legit dump is fine?

    • Aurora says:

      There’s a dump floating around that (soft, if you took precautions) bricks your Nintendo Switch. It doesn’t mean that all dumps will do that

      • boredboris says:

        This doesn’t really answer the OP’s question

        • exa says:

          This one is probably fake, a legit dumb wouldn’t do that.
          Unless, somehow, an in development build is not compatible with retail models. idk

        • Alpheaus says:

          It’s obvious, use common sense. The fake dump was created to ruin people’s consoles for whatever reason. This doesn’t include actual Smash Ultimate Dumps. It was a stupid question to begin with, you can’t expect a comprehensive answer to a poorly written question.

    • Wolverine says:

      There is a FAKE dump that bricks your Switch and also, another re-packed dump (with replaced exefs) based on the original game that also bricks your Switch.
      If you want to be safe, just check these checksums:
      SHA-1 = 1439B3A746543B55DD29E5B21747A7D76CDB7FE8
      CRC32 = DDD3AC39
      MD5 = 25E8328F47D3A1EBFE5A4197814D9B62
      These checksums have been verified by a lot of users, example here:
      and in other forums I can not mention here, but Google sure will help you.
      In any case, the game is one of the bests on the Switch. I recommend you to buy it. I already preordered it, but I used the NSP because I want to play it early. Once I get my cart, I will delete the NSP from my Switch and play it legit.

      • kevin says:

        There is? People keep saying this but I dont see any claims of anyone actually getting a brick from smash bros. Of course some people will; probably start saying their switch is bricked without an proof.

    • Susan Sarandon says:

      Yes, obviously the legit dump is fine when they exist. It’s actually some asshat named “OG” (or also goes by the name Creatable) who is writing up malicious code that is causing these bricks when people run them.

  2. Uncorrect says:

    1) These are *not* “keys themselves”, but SHA256 hashes of the keys. The hashes are useless.
    2) “cracked” is not the right word here. They used an unpublished exploit to get the keys from within the firmware. TSEC is still “uncracked”.

  3. adyx says:

    The tweet doesn’t actually contain the keys. It’s just the hashes of the keys (something you have to compare the keys to to see if they are valid)

  4. axyx says:

    The tweet doesn’t actually contain the keys. It’s just the hashes of the keys (something you have to compare the keys to to see if they are valid)

  5. ZFX says:

    Im playing it rn, already unlocked a bunch of chars, got it at Warez NX.

  6. Raistlin says:

    Need 6.2.0 to play smash?

  7. Isse says:

    Your news got stolen and copy pasted in Google trad in logicsunrise

  8. Chris says:

    i just gotta say. if your gonna pirate games. fine. but at least dont be stupid enough to download and install random files without them being verified by people who have at least some credibility. and THEN flood forums and discords and the whole internet because you installed the first thing you saw and now your switch is a paperweight.

  9. Debo says:

    Will it instantly brick? is it only nsp or xci or both?

  10. kevin says:

    I dont think anyone has been bricked by smash bothers, people are just extra paranoid after pokemon…

  11. Arian says:

    Can i play smash with 5.1 frw ?????

  12. Hard Work says:

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