3 fun GBA games to play on your PlayStation Vita or PSP- Switching over to the Nintendo side for some game ideas


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  1. Daveed says:

    Ninja 5-0 is pretty fun too!

  2. Alex says:

    Zelda is not an RPG. It’s an Action-Adventure game.

    • maskmark says:

      its a typical acttion rpg , im afraid

      • Panzer says:

        I wouldn’t call it a “Typical Action RPG”. I’d say that for the Mana games, Terrranigma, etc. Zelda games are more Adventure Puzzle than RPG.

        • maskmark says:

          i would say you are right.
          in fact , its a jap style action rpg like the famous seiken densetsu, tenchi sousou, light crusader,or the story of thor, not a western arpg like diablo.its a naming system conflict.

  3. Quy says:

    where is pokemon series?

  4. dethoodeth says:

    if vita could emulated nds….that more fun…

  5. bud says:

    Fire Emblem, Advance Wars

  6. DSpider says:

    Heh, I’ve been playing The Minish Cap for the last few days or so on my N3DS XL and I can confirm that it’s a pretty damn good game (Tip: hold down either Start or Select while the game boots up and it will run at its native resolution).

    I’ve never heard of “Drill Dozer”, but I always wanted to try the GBA version of Tony Hawk and Max Payne. 🙂 Maybe I’ll look into GBA injection into Nintendo’s “Virtual Console” containers. I’m sure I read something about that at some point.

  7. thebeast says:

    wololo.net does not endorse piracy but here are some games you can and totally should pirate

  8. Danny says:

    Will never get tired of my vita and PS TV
    +1 for this news site

  9. GDDM says:

    What a coincidence, i just started playing through Castlevania – Aria of Sorrow once again. UO gpSP kai is a must though, everything else *** with the save (atleast the one i downloaded to start on hard difficulty, it just was an empty file after closing TempGBA and mGBA. I also recommend Fire Emblem – The Sacred Stones and Mario and Luigi – Superstar Saga.

  10. Hello says:

    This website is getting worse and worse. We had that stupid article the other day from Wololo about the firmware which had no information at all and now we have recommendations for GBA games that was mostly copy / pasted from another website.

  11. Med says:

    For thoses who own a vita there’s a tips for playing GBA games with the correct aspect ratio, using gpsp on adrenaline set the display to “unsclaed 3/2” and then set the adrenaline scale X & Y to 3.0. then set a filter (sharp bilinear or lcd3x)

    • Migo says:

      indeed, maybe some trainee who got a chance to fill an empty slot on the site. Not against really fresh unexperienced newcomers doing some articles to initiate some other people on the same level…, but this is just so much below the line for the people that frequent this site.

  12. Ein Owl says:

    so.. that`s a news? i think it`s like “hmm.. idk what to say somethin new tho, maybe just say somethin that already all know? yes thats right!” heheh =))) for real, many psp\vita gamers already playn in emulators, and u know what? news must be like “SuperHacker9kkk created stable perfect working DS\n64\PS2\Android\ios\Etc.. Emulator for psp\vita!” and THATS! news. but we just see notification that some stuff already exist, just about it existing, not about updates, etc.. thats not a news.. Meh, i wanna create that emulators.. why i`m not born with hands from shoulders? eh.. some guys already can do that but.. u know.. laziness..

  13. Xavier says:

    Breath of Fire series
    Fire Emblem series
    Golden Sun (though the second one might get stuck at a point so take care)
    Zone of Enders: Fist of Mars (one of the best games I have ever played – much easier with that cstick)
    Riviera: The Promised Land
    Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 1 and 2 (the best games by plot that I have ever played)