Release: PS4Brew 4.74, kernel exploit port for PS4 4.74


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8 Responses

  1. Basam Zayniaie says:

    U got some good news for 4.74 and some bad news for more than 5.05/5.07…love ur works…keep up…

  2. mandy says:

    is it complete exploit like 5.05? you can install pkg?

  3. ligg26 says:

    need die webexploit where can find ? weblink not work for downloa ?

  4. Haim says:

    so its 5.05 spoofing on lower FW?
    means 5.05 games can be launched?

  5. AAgt Zur says:

    Thanks but i am not able to access the browser what should i do.

  6. Hosmiller O Cunha says:

    tenho dois ps4 na 4.74 com driver blue ray quebrado porem tentei fazer oexploit e nao obtive sucesso.
    so mostra a barra azul carregando e nao ativou.

  7. AAgt Zur says:

    Any new DNS method ?

  8. john says:

    Can I update 4.55 to 4.74?

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