PS4 exploits: the status for 5.5x and 6.0x owners (5.50, 5.53, 5.55, 5.56, 6.00, 6.02)


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  1. thelastnoob says:


  2. Bryan says:

    Useless article.

  3. sora0hearts says:

    Well its an article that got me excited… sad to see that most homebrewers will just release it if they can make something more out of the console.

  4. DevilGearHill says:

    I can wait for as long as it takes.
    I took one single quality from Evil. The ability to wait patiently. In other words – I am Michael Myers of piracy :3

    Thank you Wololo, for all your work and for bringing all of this info to us. Keep up the good work 😉

    • Sky Yuki says:

      Beat Saber actually made me falter but I realized I could just buy PC VR whenever I want to play that.

      • DevilGearHill says:

        If you have money to “just buy” PC VR I’ve got no idea whatsoever what you’re doing here XD

  5. keks says:

    I too blame the lack of documentation of how everything works and where to get started. I really want to go into this but I struggle really hard to even compile examples against the non official SDK. I even asked for help multiple times on multiple Discords, Twitter or Reddit. No one seems to want to help others, which is sad because this topic is really lacking information. (If you are a dev who’s not familiar)

    Reach out to me if you want to help, I would really love it. And who knows, if I can get it into my head and fully understand it (with help) I am just one more person to share information, which is always better.

    Reach out: keksautomat at mail ru

  6. Samyperfex says:

    Ps4 scene is dead and hackers who have somthing are so greedy about it. I have a console on 5.50 and another on 5.55 i was so damn unlucky buyin those and im stuck on these damn fw for a long time hoping something eventually will come. I wish ps4 scene was like switch. Somtimes i miss Good old ps3 days…

  7. TheWaitContinues says:

    I’ll continue pirating on my switch until an update for my PS4 comes out so I can play red dead (legally of course, I like buying physical copies on PS4).

  8. Relys says:

    How can you not mention PS4 Aux Hax (the new way to get code exec on the Southbridge over HDMI-CEC)?

  9. Randomguy says:

    Honestly who cares anyway? No decent homebrews because all are on switch, i recently updated my 5.05 ps4 and gave it to a friend, there is no homebrew and no pirated games so *** that.

  10. Joana Marce says:

    There is a shop in Brazil that sells and claims they have 5.55 CFW and that all games can be played online in PSN with HIDE ID.

  11. Not wololo says:

    Is PS4 going to be first console in history without having released a hack in it latest firmware in all its history?

  12. tim says:

    Short answer: they havent figured out how to fully pwn the ps4. They could release a new exploit for current fw only for sony to fix it overnight.

  13. Megumihan says:

    Lol They’re afraid of releasing because they scared that the console will be discontinued.

  14. Kislorod says:

    Why are they so surprised? Noone gives a f about homebrew on big consoles nowadays. Well, except for a few individuals. Everything homebrew provides you can do better on PCs/notebooks. Even emulators are supereasy now: just plug your DualShock 4 in the USB port of your computer, launch Retroarch, and here you have every emulator you will ever need. 99% of people interested in “homebrew” are interested in piracy. Stop cosplaying white knights or ***. Portable consoles are another story… Emulators are really useful there.

    • DeeBG says:

      Pretty much this (also if your computer has BT you don’t even need to plug it in!… well after pairing). I don’t think the majority of people are hardcore enough to buy a 2nd PS4 model and have it sit on the shelf (assuming they have the means to begin with) in the hopes that it will be hackable one day (especially when we know we are getting the PS5 sometime in the next two years).

  15. nait says:

    The guy has an IQ of room temperature, if he thought that hacking the GAME CONSOLE, waiting for homebrew…

  16. Kevin says:

    What do they expect if the exploits aren’t more up to date?

    • DeeBG says:

      It’s a “chicken and an egg” situation… hackers want more homebrew before releases are made (which sounds a bit like an excuse) and homebrew devs want a wider audience (they might not an exploitable system themselves).

  17. Gr33k says:

    I would point out that a 4.74 kernel exploit was released and psxhax has been showing quite a bit of “smaller” work for the scene. I know it’s not a 6.x exploit, but it’s something. I went the route of upgrading my ps4pro to play RDR2 to 6.00 and keeping my ps4 ‘classic’ at JB 5.05 🙂

  18. ksp says:

    More and more hackers are holding onto exploits for an end of cycle release so the entire game catalog can be dumped without the need for an unnecessary cat and mouse game .
    I expect the same for PS4 scene. Expect a eventual 6xx exploit released when Sony begins to pull the plug on PS4 and most if not all PS4 games have been released.
    The scene has evolved to hold onto exploits for a bigger catalog, its smart.

  19. Basedboy says:

    Bullsh*t , is just ego from devs because they don’t wanna make new hacks because Sony can *** them with new fw.

    Enjoy 5.05 until a dev outside of jerking circle of mathius and kiwifags post the hack.

  20. Fallenleader says:

    Hold up, hold up. No. Kiwidog can *** and sit back down. I had been following the scene for a very long time. The problem isn’t lack of tools, tutorials, etc. Unity for PS4 exists and is leaked in a way that anyone can track it down and with a bit of time can easily learn it. Not to mention the ps4 api of it is actually sane to learn unlike unity for other consoles.
    The problem in the scene stems from a few issues.
    People aren’t comfortable missing out using an expensive device when the hacking scene does nothing but tease and troll leaving the end users left in the dark. Why should I with only a single unit sit on a half usable system for months at a time? We are talking 4-6 months, not just 1 or 2. This tends to leave the remainders of one mindset. Free games, aka piracy. It is worth it for them because they don’t have to pay for new games, so they can just bide their time.
    If the handful of hackers had not been so keen at stroking their ePens, the scene might have turned out different. Don’t blame the whole *** on just o e group when everyone *** in the koolaid.

  21. Przemek says:

    Mathieulh is normal scene troll, writing about him uselles.

    • Trump says:

      Mathieulh is the original man who released the dangle source code that helps hacked the PlayStation 3.

  22. AlgerianDude says:

    Cut the *** we know Sony is behind all those exploits leaks to sell more and more old ps4 and untill now it is not satisfied and want to get rid off all ps4 5.05 left in the market,there are no hackers or scene and your homebrews excuse is just ridiculous!

  23. MathFuck says:

    If they wont release the newer exploit… ill start doing homebrew on the ps4… that’ll brick things. BWAHAHAHAHA

  24. happy new year says:

    make us a present fro 2019 and release the exploit!!!:)

  25. Dan says:

    These devs are taunting Sony w/ JB’s.. They actually look like fools. I can come online and say I have a exploit for any firmware. Seeing is believing and Sony are probably laughing their *** off. If you have an explot, release it. If not ***..

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