Call of Cthulhu, the pinnacle of cerebral horror, PS4 review

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  1. DeeBG says:

    Getting review copies of games is nice and all but let’s not use wololo for this content (just my opinion, plus I’m curious if others feel the same) + the article’s categories are errorous, FYI =).

  2. DeeBG says:

    You’re free to delete my comment if you don’t like what I have to say, but at least fix the incorrect categories that this is published under (which I previously kindly recommended).

  3. John says:

    So a review is considered News now?

  4. fullerSpectrum says:

    This is a bit out of place, isn’t it? Also, this could have used some proofreading.

  5. Badryo says:

    I have no idea what’s happening here

  6. Duke says:

    As previous people stated. Please no more game reviews in the news section.

  7. Not wololo says:

    Days are running slow on Wololo, huh?

  8. saim says:

    i like this game and thanks for posting the review