Recent Emulation News: PlayStation Classic makes use of open-source PS1 emulator and is pretty lacking feature-wise with ONLY ONE SAVESTATE SLOT, SNES9x 1.57 released and Bottlenose emulator front-end just dropped


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  1. dameros says:

    “The PlayStation Classic makes use of PCSX ReARMed to emulate PS1 games and not an emulator made by Sony themselves”

    I have to say that’s pretty disappointing, I would have loved to see what a proprietary ps1 emulator can do, not that what we have isn’t excellent already.
    Not just that, but a giant like Sony using open-source code derived from their own 20 y/o code? That’s pretty weak.

    • Jack Attack says:

      You already saw what they can do. The PS2 and PS3 has PS1 emulation and it was, also, barebones even though it didn’t need to be, certainly not on the PS3. Sony sucks at emulation features.

  2. The revelation that Sony could not even be bothered to program their own emulator is insane! Too rushed!

  3. zfreeman says:

    PSIO Master Race

  4. Panzer says:

    I was actually fine with the PSX classic’s game list, and knew that no matter what was on there, people were going to complain about “missing games”.

    My worry was substantiated, however, with how the thing would be emulated. Even I’m beginning to wonder whether this thing was outsourced. A Youtuber did make the comparison that the UI here isn’t as solid as any other previous Playstation product (even going as far as to bring up issues with irregular letter spacing and placement).

  5. 909090 says:

    another piece of garbage

  6. vita lover says:

    How about ps vita update

  7. Someone Truthful says:

    Sorry to say this but.. anybody who buys this piece of *** (and supports this consumer is stupid to buy anything we wave in their face ideology) instead of a hacked PSTV/Vita, Retropie, or prefers it over PC/Mobile Emulation etc.. is an idiot.

  8. Demian says:

    Thank you “lame brand owner”, you didn’t dissapointed me, because I wasn’t expecting great things from this try-on for getting on the “oldies memories” bandwagon.

    That “lame brand owner” proves once again (as they did with the Vita), that they only care about their bank accounts and not about the customers.

    And this, my friends, is precisely the “how-not-to-do-it” way.

    Screw you sunny.

    BTW. I love my Vita, but not thanks to sunny, but the scene devs.

  9. Rishca says:

    No thnx, i’ll stick to my trusty PS TV with countless more features than a €99 PSX classic.

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