PS4: Fail0verflow disclose an exploit that could work on “all currently released hardware and software versions of PS4”


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25 Responses

  1. Zero says:

    Cool. Now, I don’t have to worry about the fact that my PS4 loves to download and install updates automatically.

    I swear, I’d have it hacked already if it wasn’t for that ***.

  2. Fart'a'lot says:

    Well.. Fart

  3. Daniel Tome says:

    now would this kinda be like the switch hack where “every current console” would be exploitable regardless of firmware?

    can thus be fixed software side or does it gotta be a new hardware rev?

    • Fallenleader says:

      Based on what I see and hear, it seems this is a software exploit that needs a hardmod to trigger it. Think of it like the PS3, where if you are hackable but on a higher firmware, a hardmod was needed to exploit it, or the DS flashards on the 3DS, as they could be patched to become useless in the firmware, but were necessary since DS games were physical cartridges.

      • zz says:

        Yeah, I see the same. Maybe TX will have someone working on it – as it seems a modchip / glitch chip would be necessary to enable this mod. So they could earn an other ton of money from it 😉 Until the chinese manufacturers inevitably copy it and sell it in a few months at 1/10th of the price while still turning a profit. Or this whole thing never happens as no one will be motivated to work on it even with this huge help from fa1l0v3rfl0w

  4. FArT mcfartstein says:


  5. joemami says:

    Sony will remove HDMI from next hardware ASAP lol

  6. PabloMontoya says:

    joemami, don’t five them ideas!

  7. Sony Supreme Emperor says:

    I fart on Nintendo.
    Thanks for the article wololo!

  8. Ghost mirror says:

    Probably HDMI hardware chip weld to PS4 motherboard

  9. Joo C says:

    Sounds promising! Thanks for the article Wololo!

  10. Susan Sarandon says:

    Who gives a ***.

  11. stayhye says:

    long story short……*** these elite *** that show but not share. Peace.

  12. Tecki says:

    yahoo i want to play spiderman 2018 love u

  13. John says:

    Another Fart

  14. jesus needs you says:

    so If I got this right it seems like you can exploit it because of a bug with the hdmi thing that turns on the tv when you turn on the ps4 and vise versa if that’s so would this trick work with xbox one?

  15. Bull mirror says:

    @urora is a tr@ns

  16. Doctow says:

    So basically this is a cfw? if so is it something like a permanent thing cause is a chip? also is this only for 5.05 and 5.07 consoles or every console regardless the fw or the serial key of console?.

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