This week (Oct 16-23) in emulation: RetroArch fixes input issues on PSVita/PSTV, PS2 port of RetroArch is in development, Switch Overclocking for better emulator performance, PS4 FW 5.05 gets a NES emulator, NesDS updated, and more!


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :) Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  2. thetechdoc says:

    Retroarch for PS2 is an interesting thing, there aren’t a lot of emulators for ps2, especially ones working well, would be keen to see if they can make a working ps1 emulator, the offerings as of now are ok but the retroarch team are bloody talented, keen to see if they can get a full speed core up and running for more games.

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  4. logicdefyer says:

    So many changes , however the site is still broken , its a site of sore eyes for people who check this site daily like me ,
    Why not move out of wordpress to something a bit more elegant or maintain a wordpress theme that actually does not break every day wololo team :(.

    • Rikku says:

      Look at footer it’s powered by wordpress , mr.know better!

    • stevorkz says:

      I wouldnt say its terrible. Its defiantly not perfect, but coming from a security focus myself and also the fact that this is a hacking site, what boggels my mind is that at this point has STILL not gone https. Really, there is no excuse. You guys need to implement ssl.

      • monies!! says:

        No excuse? it comes to money and donations, there isn’t enough to upgrade site or get it more secure. No money = no progress.

    • Darth Agnon says:

      I believe you’re talking about Ezoic, the platform wololo uses that re-arranges the layout randomly every visit? It’s something to do with the ads; it apparently doubles income from them, according to his article on MakeSmartTV (see righthand sidebar). I miss the older two layouts of the site, and the improved forum that has since disappeared. But I guess donations and visits aren’t at their former levels. I personally wish the site could use a system more like, another hacky, donation-based site, which is a bit less jarring…

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