PSMPatch and Cytus Lambda Song Unlock released – You can now install PSM game mods (a’ la rePatch) and even run PSM homebrew!


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  1. SoFizzticated says:

    I just love checking by every now and then and seeing updates for the vita, sony might have rejected the console but now it’s ours and better than ever ^^

  2. kid says:

    This is good news for 3.60 and 3.65 users but NoPsmDrm has not been updated to work on firmware 3.68 so those users are out of luck on this one.

    • Gaardus says:

      I’m on 3.68 and successfully using NoPSMDRM. Where are you running into trouble? If it’s making the games appear in LiveArea and you’re using some sort of unofficial storage, copy the games to an official memory card/internal memory and rebuild the database in safe mode. Refresh the LiveArea with VitaShell afterward to make the other apps reappear. (Good luck sorting them again.)

      Note: You can skip copying subdirectories and large files from ux0:/psm/[TITLE ID]/RO/Application to the equivalent spot in the official/internal memory; you only need the bare minimum for your Vita to recognize the presence of the PSM games, not successfully run it.

  3. Nash says:

    Now where is the patch?